EST. 1971

Standard Booth Model QDS2418 and QDD2418
The result of over 30 years of experience in the spray booth industry, the Quadraft Spray Booth is the only truly turbulence-free booth on the market.

The revolutionary QUADRAFT spray booth was specifically designed to create a virtually turbulence-free airflow through the booth without loss of airflow volume. The only truly turbulence-free booth on the market.
The secret is in the design of the walls and the basement. The booth is double-walled, which gives it a distinctive appearance and clean lines. However, the walls also become the exhaust duct by which air is removed from the booth. Each side panel contributes a large area through which the air can move. By using the walls of the booth as the exhaust duct, RSI has achieved an air flow of up to 19,000 CFM, or over six complete changes of air per minute inside the booth. In addition, this integral ducting reduces heat loss through the walls of the booth, resulting in energy savings. This exhaust ducting is combined with our innovative basement design, which utilizes an arrangement of baffles and deflectors to complete the turbulence-free, full down draft air-flow path.

The QUADRAFT spray booth comes complete with the DFM800R heat system which has a proven track record for reliability and efficiency on RSI spray booths and a user-friendly, fully automated, touch-screen control panel. This spray booth is powder-coated white inside and out as a standard. Other options and customization is available by contacting RSI directly or through one of our sales representatives.