Rhodes Conveyors

Rhodes Conveyors are known throughout the world.

Some of the industries served by Rhodes Conveyors include: finishing, assembly, warehousing, foundry, fiberglass, automotive, military, and many others.

Rhodes Conveyors are multi-patented and unique with multiple applications to our credit and respected on all fronts of manufacturing.

RSI Tow Conveyor System
• Easy And Quick Installation
• Easily Re-Configured
• Extremely Low Maintenance
• Rotary Cart Tops
• Complete System Access
• Variable Speed
• Easy System Expansion
• Infinite Variable Centers
• Economical – Impressive Return On

Features Include:
• Mixed Product Capability
• Programmable Cart Delay
• Zero Pressure Accumulation / Close Pack
• On Floor Or In Floor Capability
• Point To Point Inline Conveying
• E-Service Capability
• Transfer Spur For Custom Operations
Or Bypass Of Unnecessary

Conveyor systems

Industries Served:

• Furniture Manufacturing
• Progressive Assembly
• Automatic Painting And Cleaning
• Warehousing
• Plastics Finishing
• Custom Millwork
• Robotic Interface Applications
• High Temperature Applications
• Automotive Assembly