RSI Towline Conveyor Systems

RSI Towline Conveyor Systems (On-Floor and /or In-Floor) is the most flexible in the industry for multiple product combinations. The Towline Conveyor is known in many industries as the most economical, logical solution for multi-task finishing and material handling operations. Known as the reliable “work horse” of the industry, the towline conveyor is a good choice to solve your production finishing or product transport difficulties. From design to installation and services, the RSI team has been directly involved in over 500 finishing and or material handling systems worldwide. Let us study your process applications and production requirements!

RSI Overhead “Hangline” Conveyor Systems

RSI offers an Overhead “Hangline” Conveyor System “For All Weight Requirements” – RSI Tube Track – Simple, lightweight conveyor with smooth operation and easy installation. – RSI Enclosed Track – Meets medium duty weight requirements – RSI Monorail – Meets heavy duty weight requirements – RSI Power & Free – Accommodates product switching and transferring to bypass undesired steps along with accumulation and carrier delay features.

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RSI Roller {Live or Non} and Belt Conveyors


RSI Roller {Live or Non} and Belt Conveyors “To Meet the Challenge” RSI can supply a multi-range of flat driven conveyors, including powered belt and tapered roller curves, along with inclines and declines and vertical floor to floor lifts. Widths can vary from 8” to 60” maximum. Line speeds and conveyor heights are determined in the design stage of your system. Accurate product data is also required. With the required data, RSI can determine the best conveyor series to meet your application needs.

RSI Skate Wheel Conveyors

RSI Skate Wheel Conveyors are the most economical way to get your product from point “A” to point “B’. This conveyor is non-powered and relies on gravity to help propel your product to the desired location.