Assembly Line Conveyors

RSI is a dominate player when it comes to assembly line conveyors! With over 1200 operating towline systems worldwide time tested and

proven to be the reliable “workhorse” of non-synchronous and synchronous assembly operations. Our system is patented with multiple patents pending. We manufacture the conveyor and carts/carriers and engineer specialized tooling fixtures specific for the application. We work with a multitude of Robotic manufactures and controls integrator’s as a team to give our customers the ultimate assembly system. All towline components are standard and modular in design. Systems can be totally mounted ON-FLOOR for quick installation, expansion or revision. Features include cart accumulation, cart delay in work stations without stopping the system, cart-on-call feature enables variable assembly process/dwell times on each cart for operations where assembly processes times vary due to product size and mix. Cart transfer spur from mainline to work cells is a standard with the RSI Towline Conveyor. We invite you to visit our website to view detailed information on our entire product line.

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