EST. 1971

I.R.. ovens maintain “wave length purity” using a variety of components to produce 99% reflectivity.

This IR Moving Arch application is for drying and curing a 2K polyurethane paint which has just been applied to railcars within the spray booth.  This moving IR Arch is stored at the end of the booth area with it’s legs folded up  and it is protected by a plug type baffle to keep any over spray from getting on the IR equipment when it is not being used.

Once the paint is applied, the system is activated and the arch automatically moves over the railcar at a specific recipe of power intensity and rate of movement (speed).   The system allows for many recipes to be able to process primer, topcoat, and metallic paints of various paint suppliers which all may have slightly different IR processing requirements.

The other photo is of our  testing facility which is solely dedicated to developing and then validating innovative thermal and UV related processes.

This demonstrates the technology of maintaining “wavelength purity” by utilizing twin tube gold back quartz IR emitters, sliding mounting tracks for field adjustment, and interior oven wall reflectors which are gold plated to obtain 99% reflectivity of the primary emission for ultimate wavelength purity.