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Sanding Booth

In floor down draft booths offer the ultimate in operator friendly dust containment. All down draft and cross draft sanding stations feature 100% recirculation of filtered air thereby minimizing air replenishment issues in your plant. Most systems can also be supplied with an exhaust option that allows for exhaust to atmosphere during operation in summer months.

Dust control booths provide a self-contained environment that removes airborne contaminants from worker breathing zones and prevents pollutants from interfering with other in-plant operations. RSI, Inc. offers dust collection booths with a complete range of dimensions and customizable options. For welding, sanding, and grinding operations which generate a heavy concentration of dust and/or smoke, the cartridge dust collection booths deliver superior performance. Features and options include sound absorption, re-gain air to enhance capture velocity, sealed florescent lighting, high-efficiency self-cleaning, modular expandable booths, HEPA after-filters, and screw-conveyor automatic disposal of collected dust for ultra-heavy dust loading applications.