Abrasive Blast Booths

RSI offers Abrasive Blast Booths and high pressure blasting systems that are custom designed for the application.

Our system has developed a powerful reputation throughout the world for reliable, durable and sophisticated surface preparation

and coating solutions. Our system is unique and very different from all of our competitors due to the way we recover the abrasive media from the recovery floor, convey it to the elevator then to the dynamic separating system. At this point the abrasive and substrate coating break down

into four constituents; i.e. good abrasive, spent abrasive, large contaminant’s and dust. Good abrasive, spent abrasive and any large contaminants fall to the recovery floor. Airborne dust particles are carried on the flow of air through the room generated by the dust collector.

Simple booths are available and are the size of an oversees shipping container for small parts. This container is totally self-contained, weatherproof and can be hauled on flatbed trailers for a complete mobile blasting operation. Great for the small to medium sized blasting contractor! We invite you to visit our website to view detailed information on our entire product line.

Blastroom image