EST. 1971


Features Include:

* RSI “Side-Tow” Conveyor can be designed for Non-synchronous or synchronous operations.

* Cart “Zero-Pressure” accumulation / close packing for space savings and queuing

* Cart delay in work stations without stopping chain

* Cart synchronous indexing

* Cart “Non-synchronous cascading”

* Cart on call for variable cart delay in work stations

* “Side-tow” conveyor tows carts from the side which allows operators to work and access 3 sides of the system carts … and with 360 degrees rotating tops the operators can access the entire piece being processed without stepping over tow chain track, thus eliminating any and all obstructions or tripping hazards in general

* RSI “Side-tow” conveyor drive units are totally self contained with integrated automatic take up unit, auto oiler and variable speed controls

* RSI Side tow conveyor is totally surface mounted.


Standard Component Designs

Standard RSI Cart

Drive Unit

Complete Delay Station for Work Areas & Accumulation Areas

Pin Turner for Rotating Cart Top into Accumulation Position

Drive Pit Ring

RSI Track

Top Turner for Rotating Cart Top from Accumulation Position

RSI 90 Degree Turns